About Colmore BID

Colmore Business District is a business improvement district (BID) established to project manage improvements and services to the business quarter of Birmingham. A BID is a defined geographical area within which local businesses collaborate to invest in projects, services and initiatives which improve the environment in which they work. Colmore BID is principally financed through a 1% levy on the rateable value paid by a business. The BID company is a not-for profit and democratically elected company. Colmore BID’s first term ran from 1st April 2009 to 31st March 2014. The BID secured a resounding Yes vote in its renewal ballot for a second five-year term from April 2014. Those in favour made up 94% of the turnout by number and 96% of the aggregate rateable value represented by those voting. The turnout was 61%, one of the highest for a BID renewal ballot in the country. The BID’s second term commenced on 1st April 2014 and will run to 31st March 2019

Our Objectives

Accessible & Connected Place Marketing Business Matters Safe & Sound Outstanding Places Community Building

Connecting the District

Our Accessible & Connected objective cares for the experience of getting to and moving around CBD.  We do this by influencing and partnering on policy and projects to make CBD navigable for people with differing mobility.  CBD led the revival of the Interconnect project to provide a modern, highly-legible way-finding system across the City Centre, as well as co-ordinating the City Centre business response to the HS2 Environmental Statement.

CBD has been a voice for business in the District and a critical friend to Birmingham City Council in developing the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan (BMAP) and in bringing forward the experimental Sprint Bus Rapid Transit.  CBD has been very supportive of Birmingham City Council's efforts to encourage more use of active travel modes and less reliance on the private car.

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Putting Colmore Business District on the map

Under this objective we care for the brand of CBD by partnering and delivering projects and events that:

  • promote the brand internally and outwardly, adding leverage to the external marketing offer of the City; and
  • contribute to the vibrancy of “Colmore Life” for those who work, live and play here
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Making Colmore BID the voice of business in the District and the city

We know that in CBD, Business Matters.  Under this objective we:

  • Shape and articulate the strategic voice for CBD across the city to make sure that the collective message of all businesses is received in appropriate loci of influence
  • Work with others to amplify the message.  Analysing, reporting on and (when necessary) collecting a range of data to provide evidence for that message.
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Caring for the experience of being in Colmore Business District

We want people to feel safe in CBD at all times of the day. Under this objective we:

  • Care for the experience of being in CBD and feeling safe and secure day and night; and
  • Partner on projects and deliver services that enhance this experience from a variety of perspectives across age, gender, race and cultural backgrounds.
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Making Colmore Business District an Outstanding Place.

Our Outstanding Places objective cares for the physical aspects of CBD by delivering, influencing and partnering on public realm projects to make CBD an outstanding place made up of outstanding places.

CBD took its first step into making permanent improvements to the public realm in partnership with Birmingham City Council in creating Church Street Square - a new place to stop and wonder in a previously unloved and under-used space.

CBD followed this up with a solo, award winning effort in Colmore Square, creating a very popular place to dwell a while in Colmore's 'skyscraper' district. CBD now has plans to produce a world-class space in Snow Hill Square and Cornwall Street, home to some of the District's best eateries.

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Helping to improve the community both inside and outside Colmore Business District

Under this objective we care for CBD’s community of employees and business owners and adding a dimension to “Colmore Life.” We do this by:

  • Offering the opportunity to connect with networks for business and professional development, as well as outlets for corporate and individual social responsibility;
  • Building bridges to the local labour pool to nurture aspiration and meet future resource needs.
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Director Profiles

Colmore BID has a board of non-executive directors made up of representatives from across the District, which reflect the composition of business types and sectors in the area. CBD also has stakeholder directors from Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and Centro. Gary Cardin is the current Chair of the CBD Board. Rob Valentine is the Vice Chair. All of our Directors sit on our Working Groups, giving strategic direction to our work. To find out more about each director, click on their photo below.


Co-optee Profiles

In addition to our Directors, Working Groups also include a number of volunteers from the District, who have expressed an interest in being involved in CBD's work. All of our co-opted members sit on a working group and, like our Directors, give their time to help direct and deliver the work of the BID.