Published on 21/11/17

Aston Business School – Who decides the process for recruiting degree level apprenticeships?

Decision Making Process of Degree Apprenticeships

The Business School is working with a consultant to learn about the decision making process of degree apprenticeships in organisations. The consultant would like to interview a mix of potential, prospective and existing customers from a variety of sectors and business sizes. Ideally someone of senior leadership role, the owner, Managing Director or someone within the HR function.

The Business School would like you to share your views about:

  • how the process starts/ might start in an organization,
  • how you reach out and who you would reach out to at a university,
  • who the influencers on the decision might be,
  • and who actually makes the final decision to send a DA or multiple DAs to a university

The interview would be via skype for about 30 minutes. No preparation would be required.

If you are interested in being involved and arranging an interview with the consultant, please contact Beth Sadler via email:

Interviews will take place in December and January.