CBD Street Wardens

The CBD Street Warden service is provided to ensure the District is as safe and welcoming as possible.

The Street Wardens work closely with West Midlands Police to ensure that any anti-social behaviour, street nuisances and environmental disturbances are dealt with immediately, helping to keep the District a safe place in which to work and do business. The wardens have a direct link to police CCTV cameras should they require them and also have a direct radio link to the West Midlands Ambulance Service biker paramedics.

The Street Wardens patrol the District daily, checking that the area is clean and inviting and ensuring any environmental or road and pavement defects are reported back to Birmingham City Council.

The wardens do regular visits to businesses in the District to liaise with reception and security teams and deal with any safety concerns.

A high visible presence, the wardens play a welcoming role and regularly give directions to visitors who may be looking for an office building for a meeting or a hotel in which they will be staying.

To contact the Street Warden office, call 0121 616 1629 or email streetwardens@colmorebusinessdistrict.com.

Part of CBD’s Safe & Welcoming Objective