Published on 20/10/17

Common Purpose Offer

Common Purpose offer for Colmore Row BID members

Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross boundaries, which enables them to solve complex problems both in organisations and in cities.

Common Purpose’s next Birmingham Meridian programme is now accepting applications and they have offered Colmore Row BID members a 15% discount on their course fees.

As well as the programme itself, participants also get access to alumni events, and benefits, free, after the programme is completed, for on-going personal development and networks.

The programme brings together a diverse peer group and is based in real-life leadership issues, as opposed to academic or theoretical study, so has direct relevance to issues of change and leadership participants face. Recent course participants fed back on the benefits:

  • 90% of senior leaders say our programmes helped them develop as leaders
  • 90% say it helped them to drive bold innovation
  • 92% gained broader networks
  • 89% say the programme has helped them make better decisions

 Please follow the link to the website for details

Alternatively, contact  for more information or to apply


Offer available till the 30th November.