Deep cleaning of streets

Colmore Business District (CBD) manages a programme of deep cleaning and removal of chewing gum from the pavements in the District three times a year as part of its objective to make the area cleaner and more attractive. CBD’s programme of street cleansing is in addition to what is implemented in the city by Birmingham City Council.

CBD contracts industrial cleaning company Ramora to carry out the street cleansing programme, removing graffiti and chewing gum and brightening the streetscape of Birmingham’s business quarter.

The streets with highest footfall get cleaned three times annually, with the majority of streets receiving a deep clean and having chewing gum removed at least once a year. Cleaning takes place after working hours to adhere to health and safety and to cause as little disruption as possible to businesses in the District.

Before CBD came into operation in 2009, Colmore Row was the only street in the business improvement district area that would receive a deep clean; this would take place once every two or three years. CBD’s programme of street cleansing results in over 90% of the District receiving a deep clean and having chewing gum removed at least once a year, showing the additionality that the organisation is bringing to the business improvement district area.

Part of CBD’s Cleaner, Greener & More Attractive objective