Published on 05/09/17

Easy and Convenient Access to GP Service in Colmore Business District

Accessing GP services in your local town or village at a time that suits can be difficult, it may not be possible to get an appointment at a convenient time and taking time off work isn’t always an option.

Edgbaston Private Medical Practice on Colmore Row pride themselves on providing a more personal and flexible service to all their patients. Patients are treated as individuals and are offered the appropriate time for a full assessment of their healthcare needs.

Services include: Private GP, cryotherapy, vaccinations, health screening, visa medicals a travel clinic and much more.

Dr. Bahia says:

“We aim to tailor our services to the needs and requirements of our patients. Being an independent practice ensures our ability to offer complete continuity of care with traditional values.

The services do not replace your NHS GP, but compliments the existing care, with access to a private GP, conveniently located in close proximity to your place of work.”

 The Edgbaston Private Medical Practice offers a strictly confidential service. This means that any personal and medical information we obtain from you will not be disclosed to any others, unless you have given specific permission to do so. We fulfil all national standards for maintaining the security of your confidential information. We are able to discuss individual concerns about maintaining your confidentiality and if you prefer anonymity.

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