Free Motivating & Engaging Teams Workshop

Colmore Business District are providing a free training workshop on how to motivate and engage teams in partnership with Aston Business School.

On Wednesday 5 April 18.00 - 20.00, at DeVere Venues Colmore Gate, an interactive workshop will provide businesses with practical tools for team development.

The evening of learning and games, inspired by the Business School’s latest research in work and organisational psychology, will show your team how to improve communication and increase cohesion.

The workshop led by Andrew Marcinko, from the Behavioural Insights Group at Aston Business School, will explore how to:

  • Build communication and cohesion in teams
  • Develop resilient teams who respond well to stress and disruptions
  • Understand motivation and engagement cycles in teams.

To join the workshop submit a group of four colleagues from your business as a team with a sentence about what you would most like to improve.

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About Andrew

Andrew Marcinko is a PhD Candidate in the Work and Organisational Psychology department at Aston Business School, working under the supervision of Dr Yves Guillaume and Prof Richard Crisp. He is also an Associate Consultant with the Aston Behavioural Insights Group which helps organisations take the first steps to applying social psychology at work. The Aston Behavioural Insights Programme can be delivered as consultancy, coaching, training or as an education initiative to deliver the latest insights from the field of behavioural insights to design, develop and enhanced aspects of company culture, from workplace experience, to marketing, productivity, performance and innovation.

Andrew completed his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the United States and was born and raised in the Washington DC area. His current research is focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with a particular interest in diversity management, team performance, and employee well-being. Previously, Andrew worked in collaboration with the U.S. Navy Submarine School and NASA on projects involving high-stress teams and performance. He also has extensive experience both producing and appearing on blogs, podcasts, and other media.

Read Andrew’s latest article: Why diversity training fails

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