Have your say about Pollution

Help Birmingham City Council reduce air pollution in our city – Come and have your say!

They are currently considering the opportunities or challenges businesses may have in contributing towards improving air quality in the city. Birmingham City Council has been working towards creating a greener, more sustainable city for a number of years. They are now working to discover the best ways to improve our air quality, including creating a Clean Air Zone (CAZ).
They are holding a Business Forum to share ideas and discuss how they can support businesses to make sustainable changes and build upon feedback they have received from online surveys. There is still time to book a place at the forum.

The forum will:

- Provide further information about a CAZ, inc. national context and what this means locally;
- Seek to understand how businesses might be affected by a CAZ;
- Obtain feedback on proposed CAZ measures – is there anything else that can be done?
- Discuss how we can best support local businesses; and
- Offer businesses advice from a range of advisors.

For further information about the event, and to book a place, please contact-sarah.cowap@jacobs.com.


Event Details

The Council House, B1 1BB