Weekly Yoga Class

Why not take a break from the office and come and join our weekly Yoga class which is re-starting on Wednesday 10th January from 13.05pm - 13.55pm at Livery Place, 35 Livery Street.

The main aim of yoga is to work on finding a coherent and strong connection between the breath and the body. Finding a union between the two, enables mindful movement and promotes a sense of calm, which in turn relieves stress. Vinyasa Flow yoga uses fluid movement to gently build strength and heat throughout the body. Yoga also improves flexibility, to help improve movement range, and as a whole improves overall quality of life.

The class is £5 per week which is payable to your Instructor Nick upon arrival.
Yoga mats are provided and please wear Yoga attire.

To book on the class please email Claire J. Smith

Event Details

35 Livery Street, B3 2PB