New Year, New You – Wellbeing Series 2018

“If you have happy, healthy employees, that has an impact on staff motivation, engagement and retention,” says Dianne Hol, director of HR at healthcare company Roche.

Following on from the success of the wellbeing series’ in 2016 and 2017, the Community Building Working Group has created another series for you all in the District to enjoy and take part in next year. 

The wellbeing series will consist of various workshop activities that will focus on motivation, wellbeing for success, managing a busy family life and much more.

All activities will take place during lunchtime, allowing you to take a break from work and improve your productivity. 

Take a look at the wellbeing workshops we have on offer.

Wednesday 17th January  (6 – 9pm)

Launch Event (At One Day Spa)

Wednesday 24th January (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 1  Introduction to Yoga – (healthy body, healthy mind)

Wednesday 14th February (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 2 Wellbeing for a Successful Career

Wednesday 21st February (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 3Food Planning – (Positive choices for a positive lifestyle)

Wednesday 14th March (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 4 Managing a Busy Family Life – (Make work, work for you)

Wednesday 21st March (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 5 Food for Exercise, – (Food to compliment your workouts, maximising results)

Wednesday 18th April (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 6Body Language – What does yours say about you? 

Wednesday 25th April (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 7 Stress Box (Learning to de-stress)

Wednesday 16th May (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 8 Digital Detox – (Put down that iPad and mobile phone!)

Wednesday 23rd May (1 – 2pm)

Workshop 9 Creating balance – (Get a hobby – Drama workshop)

For more details and to book spaces, please contact Claire J Smith  or call 0121 212 1410