Snow Hill Masterplan

A 20-year Snow Hill Masterplan, which covers the Snow Hill and Colmore areas of the city, was launched by Birmingham City Council and Colmore Business District in early 2015. It provides a framework to create 10,000 new jobs, over 200,000 sq m of new office space and boost the local economy by over £600 million each year.

The plan also outlines the improvement of transport links such as the redevelopment of Snow Hill station – the main connection between Birmingham’s business district and London – which will include new commercial buildings replacing its multi-storey car park. The plan aims to encourage London based firms to expand in Birmingham.

Birmingham’s Professional and Financial Services sector, the largest in the UK outside London, is critical to the city’s economic future. Across the wider region this generates £15 billion annually, with more than 21,000 companies employing some 220,000 people.

The Snow Hill Masterplan adds 4,000 residential units to the area, catering for young professionals looking to move into the city for the career opportunities it offers.

Birmingham, and by extension, Colmore Business District, is centrally based in the UK – bringing 90% of the UK within a four hour travel time. Business and living costs can be as much as 55% lower than London, making Birmingham an efficient and attractive location to do business. The cultural and leisure options – including a world-ranked food offer – make this District an attractive place to work and invest.

The Snow Hill Masterplan paints a picture of new landmark developments that will extend Colmore Business District, provide a sustainable supply of high-quality office space complemented by mixed use spaces, creating 24/7 activity and supporting strong business and residential growth across the Masterplan area.

Gary Cardin, Chair of Colmore BID, commented:

“Birmingham’s cost-effective office space, world-class transport links, and abundant supply of local talent has created the ideal environment for investment. The city has also become a fantastic place for professionals to live. It is uniquely international, with a vibrant cultural, culinary and social scene that is helping make Birmingham unrecognisable from a decade ago.

“The Snow Hill Masterplan paints a picture of new landmark developments that will expand Colmore Business District and provide a sustainable supply of high-quality office and mixed-use space, supporting strong business and residential growth for decades to come.”


Project Leader: Mike Mounfield
Mike Mounfield

Project Lead

Project Working Lead: Rob Valentine
Rob Valentine

Working Group Lead

Starts: September 2014 Launches: February 2015