Contactless giving points rolled out in Colmore Business District

16 December 2022

Colmore BID, in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Change into Action has announced the installation of the first two contactless giving points in the District  .

The contactless giving points, launched in partnership with Birmingham City Council to support the WMCA’s Change into Action scheme will be located at Waylands Yard on Upper Bull Street and Snowhill Station and will be operational from 15 December 2022. 

With a simple swipe of a contactless bank card or smart phone, members of the public can donate to Change into Action, an alternative giving scheme supporting specialist charities and street teams working to help those experiencing homelessness in the city.  

By donating to the scheme, donators will directly support the initiative and help change the lives of those experiencing homelessness.  

Donating £5 will provide a day’s bus pass to go to appointments with homelessness services, £10 could help someone purchase basic kitchen items when moving into self-catering accommodation, whilst £50 will buy new clothes that fit and give confidence to their new owner. Donations of all sizes are welcome and the scheme can be used flexibly to ensure each person who applies for support gets the help they need. 

Kate Bailey, Colmore BID Board Director and lead of the Safe and Sound Working Group said: 

‘’Colmore BID’s Safe & Sound mission is to make not only the District, but also the wider city centre as safe as possible for all. Our team operates day and night to support vulnerable people and those experiencing homelessness. Working in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Change in Action means we can help to make a positive difference for some of the most vulnerable in the city.   

‘’We also understand that many people who want to help may not carry cash with them, so we wanted to make donating as accessible and seamless as possible. That’s why, working with Birmingham City Council and Change into Action, we are extremely proud to have launched the first two contactless giving donation points for the charity in the city. 

‘’In these challenging times, it has never been more important to support and look after each other. With one tap of a card, we can all help to keep someone safe and change the circumstances of those experiencing homelessness. It only takes one small donation to make a big difference.’’  

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