Published on 24/04/18

Are you a Travel Leader?

Colmore BID, as Green Travel District, promoted Clean Air Day in June 2017 – we had a great turn out of people working in the District who pledged to change their daily routine in order to clean up the air we breath in the city. 

In 2018 we are expanding our ambitions and spreading the activities over a fortnight from 11-22 June. We are keen to make a difference in the longer term and we will be announcing a cluster of activities that everyone can be involved with. 

Are you a Travel Leader?

This year we are looking for role models. We are seeking two people, or firms, who have made changes to their travel routines recently out of respect for the environment, for example leaving the car at home or even giving up a car altogether, to catching a bus and finding it is quite pleasant, to walking the kids to school. 

We want to exemplify people who have made this change. We plan to feature people in our publicity as we promote the Clean Air Fortnight this year at Colmore BID. Is this you? If you are happy to be interviewed as part of our promotion – do get in touch with Philip Singleton.