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Wellbeing Workshop 5 – Food for Exercise

1:00pm - 2:00pm
55 Temple Row
Birmingham, B2 5LS United Kingdom

Whether it’s the Jamaican Bun & Cheese, traditional Salt n Vinegar crisps or Tea & biscuits. Our Food, flexes it’s muscles seductively to give us all sorts of mouthy pleasures. Personally I’m a foodie over fitty so as I sit here tonight eating a platter of wonderful Syrian food with all sorts of herby flavours, so I’m going to sprinkle some herb guidance your way on why you might want to look at Food n Fitness as a winning formula just like our beloved beans on toast.

H2 Hunger - You’re hungry....for water... is what I teach my clients. Your body has many ways to trigger an active response from you, the most noticeable being ‘ouch this pain in my foot isn’t going away’ action you go to see a foot Doctor well what about dehydration? Stomach pains, dry eyes, throat clearing can be all signals for a lack of H2O. So pay attention to your next hunger strike as it might require a different response.

C n’P - ‘if in doubt, Innovate’ is what the legendary designer Sir Ambrose Heals suggests and it’s exactly that your at your most creative when your struggling in life and this was true when I was patiently waiting for pay day and all my food has gone, besides some Carrots n Pears. Who would have thought this anti ageing antioxidant smoothie would become a new weekly ritual for me.

MFM - Meat Free Monday’s - Mondays are mentally challenging, sapping our mind and souls energy, leaving our balance a tad vulnerable. Meat notoriously takes longer to digest therefore using more energy. Allow the body to take over the batten on Monday as the front runner of the mind body and soul race for life balance and fuel your temple with energetic replacements such a lentils and sweet potato.

Introduce these combo formulas into your food language for a playful approach for what can seem as an ever lasting 12 round bout between Food and Exercise.

This Workshop has limited availability so therefore is only open to people who work in the Colmore Business District To book on this Workshop please email Katy Paddock