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Wellbeing Workshop 7 – Stress Box

1:00pm - 2:00pm
55 Temple Row
Birmingham, B2 5LS United Kingdom

Stressbox is a stress awareness wellbeing class designed to help you to understand, control & release your stress through vigorous boxing to emotive music, life coaching and mindfulness. Everyone experiences stress in many different forms throughout our life. Our holistic philosophy tackles all sides of stress from Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual therefore clearing your path to happiness.

Physical Stress - We highlight the areas of stress where tension can be held and we loosen these clicks & creeks with our creative musical warmup, Flow.

Emotional Stress - we are passionate about the importance of emotional intelligence, awareness and agility. Rejection, guilt, uncertainty and frustration are all apart of our emotional hygiene boxing sequences.

Mental Stress - stress can sap our energy and happiness:( in this chapter choreographer Liam Joe hand crafts hyper emotive songs to inspire you to express your stress! ?

Spiritual Stress - happiness starts within us. Our classical mindfulness encore allows you to switch off from all distractions, building a stronger relationship with yourself.


This Workshop has limited availability so therefore is only open to people who work in the Colmore Business District To book on this Workshop please email Katy Paddock