Published on 13/04/18

It’s easy to help SIFA Fireside, here’s how:

SIFA Fireside rely on donations to keep the drop-in centre running from day-to-day, to support the vulnerable adults who don’t have any other access to the vital services provided.

The centre is running low on some items and would appreciate donations from you of the following:

•             Coffee
•             Sugar
•             Tinned tomatoes
•             Beans
•             Vinegar
•             Tinned spaghetti
•             Pasta Sauce
•             Sweet and Sour sauce
•             Peeling knifes for kitchen
•             Tracksuits
•             Boots
•             Trainers
•             Boxers
•             Sleeping bags
•             Roll mats
•             Belts
If you can provide any of these items, please take them to the drop in centre on Allcock Street, Digbeth.
SIFA Fireside also have an Amazon wishlist which can be viewed HERE