Published on 18/05/17

National Clean Air Day

National Clean Air Day – Thursday 15th June 2017

This is the UKs first ever National Clean Air Day and there are plenty of ways that you can start to make a difference- like trying out a different way to get to work for a day.

There is a FREE Workplace Toolkit available here to give you ideas and to support your organisation participation in National Clean Air Day-

There are a huge number of delivery vans cluttering up the streets in the district. Here is some more information on the following link about Delivery and Collection points.

Delivery and Collection Points

As part of The Colmore BIDs Accessible and Connected working group, which is chaired Paul Fielding from Brewin Dolphin, we are supporting National Clean Air Day. Paul has issued the below letter about how you and your companies can get involved and the importance of being involved.

‘As an individual who works for a firm that picks up this letter a great deal of you will undoubtedly see the title, shudder and probably file this together with all of the junk mail that is received that day. What we are asking is, STOP, take a breath (you’ll see the irony in this soon) and consider what throwing this in the bin may actually mean to your employees health.

Within the Colmore Business District there are approximately 550 businesses and 30,000 employees. Each of these businesses and a great deal of their employees will undoubtedly, in some way, contribute towards a problem that will affect a great number of people, Air Pollution.

Oh no, I hear you say, not another doom mongering do-gooder telling me what to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. I, like many of you, am sceptical about these types of initiatives, but I have come to realise that if we can do something to improve our own and our fellow employee’s health then we should at the very least explore it. My hope is that you also come to the same conclusion after reading through the attached documents. 

As a community we at CBD are asking you to support what we hope will be a turning point in attitudes towards this subject, the UK’s first National Clean Air Day. There are two easy ways to do this:

1) Encourage your employees to ditch the car for just that one day

Ask them to try an alternative and see how you get on. We are not naïve or stupid enough to say that other means of arrival to the workplace are perfect but we can say with great confidence that they are not as bad as you may believe. 

2) Have a serious think about how you, as a firm, allow personal items to be delivered and plant that idea in your employee’s minds. 

Small packages that are delivered to offices for individuals for personal reasons are one of the major causes of Air Pollution in and around Birmingham. In Colmore Business District alone we estimate that there are close to 1 million deliveries like this per annum. Again we are not naïve or stupid enough to say that we don’t understand the reason behind this (convenience and security) but there are other options which people probably don’t know about that can help us to eliminate this problem.


If after reading this you think this all sounds quite sensible please can we ask that you take five minutes of your corporate social responsibility time to officially pledge your support. This pledge will be publicised and basically by doing so you will be asked to do a few things:

  • Display our poster at your place of work
  • Actively encourage engagement by your employees in the ditch the car initiative
  • Actively encourage your employees to stop having personal items delivered to your place of work

See it’s not that bad is it! For a small amount of your time you can begin what we hope will be a major shift in attitude and the chance for us to take a breath where it won’t potentially cause us major problems.

Thank you in advance for supporting this very worthy initiative.

Paul Fielding’

Make your pledge here.