Published on 31/07/17

Autumn Wellbeing Activities

Each January Colmore BID organises a Wellbeing Series, giving colleagues in the District an opportunity to experience a variety of information sessions and activities that can help in improving physical and mental wellbeing and work / life balance. 

This year, due to demand we have decided to hold some wellbeing activities in the autumn months and we are working with a number of partners to do this.

We start on 7th September. CBRE will be hosting a nutrition workshop led by GUT Reaction. 

Sharpen-up – how eating smart can energise the workplace.

Overview of the proposed content:

  • Discover the value of nurturing a healthy environment and culture in the workplace
  • Understand dietary factors which may be affecting your own energy levels, wellbeing, mood and stress response
  • Take away some practical tips you can start straight away to avoid the office sugar and caffeine traps, and to help you look and feel on your game

This workshop is designed to give some background information on nutrition in the workplace why what staff have in their lunch boxes is relevant to the ‘health’ of a business, as well as focussing attendees attention on their own health, wellbeing and nutrition and providing top practical tips.

More workshop activities to be confirmed.