Published on 05/06/18

Colmore BID as a Green Travel District

Colmore Bid is at the heart of the most recently adopted Green Travel District in the city centre.

‘Green travel’ tends to be the term applied to decisions we all make as commuters. As a policy it creates the strategy for train and bus operators to provide the services that are essential for the 35,000 people that work in the District. Within the Colmore BID we have these services;

Snow Hill Station is based in the District and we are a few strides from New Street Station.

Bus services operate through and in the periphery of the District.

Cycling is increasingly popular in Colmore BID with many building owners providing secure storage, lockers and showers. We were pleased to see that street based bike racks were installed in parking bays recently. The A38 and A34 segregated cycle routes will soon be available for people to cycle in to the city centre from the suburbs more safely.

Colmore BID continues to work strategically with partners to improve and increase the opportunities to increase green travel options and to  improve air quality in the District.