Published on 14/02/19

Colmore Business District Opens its Doors

As part of the Community Building Working Group, we have been thinking about how we can bring together the businesses within the District both to network, but also to share and showcase different business activities and events. Starting in April, it is our plan to have finalised a monthly host, where a business in the District will offer something that other District members can attend for free. The themes can be completely open to interpretation, but we have brainstormed a few suggestions below:-

  • Interview coaching
  • PT session
  • Yoga
  • Netball Training
  • Employment law updates
  • Salary Survey Seminar
  • Business Development Training
  • Running group
  • Well-Being related talks or sessions
  • Making the most of employee benefits
  • CPD opportunities
  • Marketing Advice
  • Sports day

Many of the larger firms may already have these in place, but not all the timings may be suitable for their staff. However, our key target demographic would be SME’s who don’t have the facilities or indeed the uptake from their staff to make these things happen internally.

What do we need from you? We have put this idea out to our Board and now to the wider District to see who wasn’t to get involved! If your company is interested in being a “host” and if so, what might be your event of choice and likely date (this may be something you are already organising and running as BAU).

Please keep in mind, the goals are:-

  • to offer the BID community something they don’t have access to,
  • to create an environment for networking across the District
  • to showcase and promote your own business

Please get in touch here if you are interested in taking part or if you would like more information!

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