Published on 02/05/17

Let Your Photograhy Be Part of the Business Plan for BID 3

Our latest project offers you a fantastic opportunity to be part of the Colmore BID future Business Plan for BID3.  This year we will start writing our BID 3 business plan and we think it would be a great idea for the images to be largely made up of photographs taken by people working in the District.

The District is a photogenic place; as well as the stunning architecture, we put on events such as community games and the Colmore Food Festival that make the streets and squares a vibrant, fun place to be. 

We would like you to use the Colmore BID camera to capture the special qualities of the area as a community photographic participation project and show us what you think makes the District so unique.     

If you and your colleagues would like to get involved, let us know.  We can arrange for you to use the camera to capture your best images, before returning the camera and the images to us in the BID office.  We’ll add them to our website and share them on our social media pages and, ultimately, the best will go in the BID 3 Business Plan. 

When we have the first five companies signed up we will deliver a lunchtime launch session.

If you and your colleagues are interested in joining in, please email Philip Singleton at