Published on 16/02/18

A more pedestrian-friendly gateway to Snow Hill

Visitors to the Business District using Snow Hill station will soon enjoy a more pedestrian-friendly welcome when they arrive in the city centre.

Plans have been put forward to change tra c ow and bus stop locations at the busy junctions of Livery Street, Colmore Row and Cornwall Street. The most noticeable of the changes will be removing the right-turn from Livery Street to Colmore Row (pictured left) and swapping the location of a bus stop on Livery Street and the taxi rank in front of Snow Hill station. Bus routes 7, 46 and 101 will be rerouted to accommodate the tra c ow changes.

The BID has campaigned for some time to make the area easier and safer to navigate for pedestrians and cyclists and the plans are being considered by Transport for the West Midlands. Funding for the project will come from multiple sources and work is expected to start in 2018.

The Snow Hill scheme will also see new lighting and street furniture in keeping with the area’s conservation status.