Published on 21/03/16

Recycling in Colmore Business District

Colmore Business District have teamed up with recycling firm First Mile to offer local businesses great rates on their recycling.

First Mile make recycling easy. Founded in 2004, they now have over 14,000 business who recycle with them. For small businesses, they offer a no contract, mixed recycling solution; you simply buy a roll of recycling bags and a roll of standard bags as and when you need them. Everything that can be recycled goes in one bag. Everything else goes in the other. There’s no need to sort your recyclables into paper, glass etc.; they all go in the same bag. First Mile will then come and collect your rubbish each day. Nothing goes to landfill.

If you manage a building, First Mile can also provide you with more traditional bin solutions to help keep you and your tenants green.

First Mile are also able to provide bespoke services for the hospitality sector, turning food waste into green energy, and providing innovative solutions for other waste such as coffee grounds.

First Mile are providing a special deal for businesses in the district. Those who take a curbside collection service will pay 15% less for recycling bags, and 10% less for standard rubbish bags. Free battery and toner recycling is included. They will also work with larger businesses to provide savings on more traditional bin solutions.

This is a great opportunity for you to take a greener approach to managing your waste. It helps you:

  • Recycle meaningfully and with ease
  • Comply with commercial waste regulations
  • Monitor your green performance
  • Save money

For more information, please contact Jonathan at the Colmore BID Office