Published on 02/02/16

Safety Improvements to Cathedral Square

Colmore BID has been instrumental in facilitating major safety improvements to the square outside Birmingham Cathedral, in partnership with Amey and West Midlands Police. The improvements were completed in April 2014.

Improvements have been made to the lighting and CCTV camera coverage in Cathedral Square in an effort to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour and to strengthen perceived safety. One of the few green spaces in the city centre, Cathedral Square is an area of high footfall with thousands passing through the grounds on a daily basis. The square is also used by the public as an area in which to dwell, with many employees in the business district using the grounds for their lunch breaks.

Colmore BID has worked with Amey, the organisation responsible for improving and maintaining Birmingham’s Highways, to replace the existing lighting in the square which had become dull and dirty. The lighting has been upgraded and replaced with translucent globes that resist dirt and damp whilst providing high levels of illumination. The new globes also have a spiked collar to dissuade birds from perching on them in an effort to keep them clean and to extend their lifespan.

Working in partnership with West Midlands Police and Amey, Colmore BID has also facilitated the installation of a CCTV camera in the square covering what was previously a CCTV blind spot in the grounds. The camera is monitored at Birmingham Central Police Station. The CCTV camera pole was sourced to fit with other items of furniture in the grounds to ensure the improvement was sensitive to the heritage surroundings of the Cathedral. Amey employees volunteered to carry out the works for the CCTV camera as part of the company’s ‘Amey in the Community’ initiative. This initiative allows each employee one day per year to work to support local communities.