Published on 02/02/16

Snow Hill Interchange Plan

The Snow Hill Interchange Plan (SHIP) was launched on 9th July 2014. The aim of the SHIP study was to set out a programme of projects to be delivered over a 15-year timeframe to achieve optimum public transport interchange, connectivity and economic performance around Snow Hill Station.

The key stakeholders for the project were Centro, Colmore BID and Birmingham City Council. These parties have a long-term interest in Snow Hill Station and Colmore Row and have expressed a desire to plan for the rationalisation of movement around the Colmore Row and Snow Hill area as pressures on space and movement around Snow Hill Station increase.

The production of the Snow Hill Interchange Plan was timely in the context of the development of the Birmingham Connected, which is Birmingham City Council’s long-term vision and strategy for the City’s transport system.

The document seeks to understand the current and future challenges facing people and businesses in the City and puts in place strategies to help the city reach its goals. The Snow Hill Interchange Plan provides a basis for Centro, Colmore Business District and Birmingham City Council to take forward their approach for developing Snow Hill Station as an effective public transport interchange, and provides a blueprint for future investment in the transport infrastructure of the area.

SHIP was launched in the same week of the Government’s announcement that the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership was to receive £357.3m from the Local Growth Fund to help provide up to 19,000 jobs as part of its Growth Deal. This includes a package called Snow Hill Complimentary Measures, which aims at realising all the short and medium-term projects identified by SHIP, to be delivered over the period 2015 to 2020.

Click here to read the SHIP study online.