Published on 21/08/18

SIFA Fireside need your help!

SIFA Fireside have a fantastic team of regular volunteers who help out in many ways.
Volunteers help to staff their client reception and services desk working closely with clients to make sure they’re signed in, have access to available services and aware of what’s available from day to day.
Their kitchen and food service relies entirely on the cooking and serving skills of volunteers.

Volunteers sort the donations of food, toiletries and clothes that are so important for SIFA’s clients who otherwise may not have a hot meal, a shower or a change of clothes.
From time to time there are areas of office support that volunteers are able to assist with.

FRIDAY’S REQUIREMENTS – 8.30am-1pm, although if anyone could do just a morning (8.30am-10.30am) or lunchtime 10.30-1pm, that would be great.

Cover is needed in the drop in area at the various points, client reception, service desk and in the kitchen.

If you are available then please contact Mellisa Roche:

SIFA Fireside
48-52 Allcock Street
B9 4DY
Phone: 0121 766 1700