Published on 05/09/11


Colmore Business District brought an exhibition of world class photography to the area in spring 2011. ‘Take to the Streets’ showcased an array of revealing and provoking images captured from cities and streets around the world by a selection of some of the most celebrated photographers at Magnum Photos.

CBD partnered with Birmingham City University, Birmingham City Council and Birmingham City Centre Partnership to present the exhibition to the District, for businesses, employees and visitors to enjoy. CBD board director and public realm champion Mike Best commented, “We are delighted that we have been able to present such a diverse and intriguing outdoor collection of photography for people to enjoy. We wanted to bring art to CBD’s streets to rejuvenate and refresh them, but also deliver art to people in the District in an accessible way. You can visit this exhibition on your way to and from work, in between meetings or at the weekend.”

The collection of photographs candidly chronicled life in the world’s streets through its people, events, issues and personalities. Magnum Photos is a distinct and internationally renowned photographic co-operative. The exhibition featured images from Magnum’s leading photographers, including Constantine Manos, Richard Kalvar, Raymond Depardon, Chris Steele Perkins, Bruno Barbey, Trent Park and Alex Webb.

‘Take to the Streets’ was located outside Snow Hill Station from 18th May to 3rd July 2011.

Part of CBD’s Cleaner, Greener & More Attractive objective