Transport Consultations

14 March 2019

The latest update from the Birmingham Connected Team is set out below. Convey your views here

Clean Air Strategy – consultation
Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air and has recently launched a Clean Air Strategy setting out how the city intends to go beyond its legal duties and tackle air pollution across the city. This strategy outlines a series of pledges for delivering cleaner air and a healthier future. Consultation on the strategy is now open, closing on 26 April 2019

Tackling anti-social behaviour on buses
One of the things people are mentioning in our bus survey is concerns over the behaviour of other passengers. In a bid to tackle low level anti-social behaviour on buses, Transport for West Midlands are consulting on whether new byelaws should be introduced in the West Midlands. The byelaws would apply to behaviour which isn’t necessarily illegal or against the law, but can make people feel unsafe or uncomfortable, such as: loitering, vaping on the bus, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, playing loud music and using threatening or offensive language. Find out more about the proposals and share your views before 29 March 2019