How it works

Colmore BID is a democratically elected, private, not for profit company.  The company has a Board of Directors who serve voluntarily.  They set the strategy for the company and provide oversight to our activities.  The Board is made up of people who work in local businesses in key industries, including property, law, finance and hospitality, as well as representing both large and small businesses.  Representatives from Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and Transport for West Midlands also sit on our Board as our key public sector partners. 

Working Groups

Reporting to the Board are seven Working Groups.  Each of these groups focus on a key area of work for Colmore BID.   These areas are:

  • Business Matters
  • Outstanding Places
  • Accessible and Connected
  • Place Marketing
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Safe and Sound
  • Community Building

Each group is Chaired by a Board Director.  The groups are made up of volunteers from local businesses, partners from public sector organisations (as appropriate) and members of the Colmore BID team. 

Working Groups are responsible for monitoring the progress of our projects and making decisions about what projects the BID will deliver, in line with the strategy set out by our Board.

We are always keen to talk to people who want to get involved in delivering the goals set out in our Business Plan.  If you would be interested in joining a Working Group, please contact Claire from the team.

For more information on our Board and Working Groups, please see the relevant section in our BID 3 Business Plan. 

The Colmore BID Team

The delivery of Colmore BID’s work is carried out by our small team, led by Michele WIlby, our Chief Executive.  Each Working Group will include at least one member of the team, who leads on the work being overseen by that group. 

How can I become a Board Director?

On occasion, spaces become available for people to join our Board.  Eligibility to apply to fill a vacancy depends on the type of vacancy; for example, only people from small businesses can apply to fill a vacancy created by a person from a small business leaving the Board.  Board Directors will usually need to have been on a Working Group. When we have a vacancy, it will be advertised through our news letter. Applicants will be required to complete an application form. A recruitment process is then undertaken by the Board’s Nominations Committee. If suitable candidates are identified, the Committee will recommend these candidates to Board for appointment. Directors will then be appointed by majority vote. Directors must retire from office at least once during each BID Term, however, they may offer themselves for re-appointment by the Board. In these circumstances, external recruitment will take place if the retiring Director is unsuccessful at being reappointed.

How else can I get involved?

If you would like to be more involved in our work, please get in touch with Jonathan about joining a Working Group

How can I keep up to date with your activity

The easiest way to stay up to date is to join our Bitesize newsletter.  You can join our mailing list by emailing us.  Levy paying businesses can also request a copy of our Board minutes and our register of interests. If you would like a copy of our latest set of minutes, please email Michele Wilby.  Each year, we hold an Annual Meeting where we launch our Annual Report.  An invite is sent to our registered contact at each levy paying business.  At the meeting, we give a brief overview of our work, and businesses have the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to us.  We send a copy of our annual report to local businesses, and a copy can be viewed under “Publications” on this website.  You can also email us on

Click here to read the Colmore Business District Statutory Explanatory Note

EDI – A Commitment from Colmore BID

2020 was a year that won’t fade from memory. As well as the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was struck by the murder of George Floyd and the death Breonna Taylor.  At times like this, people often talk about the need to do better, and to tackle the issues these events raise. However, this often doesn’t translate into action.  Colmore BID didn’t want to fall into this cycle.
We have engaged with The Governance Forum who have undertaken a review of our arrangements and, together with them, we have created an EDI Action Plan.  The plan sets out activity that we will undertake to improve our internal arrangements in relation to EDI.  Activities against this plan have already taken place, with a revised Board Recruitment process being designed to attract a more diverse set of applications.  This resulted in a successful set of 4 appointments in 2022.    We have also adopted the RACE Code. 
As a BID, we are also working with local businesses where possible to create more impactful, inclusive projects.   
We will continue to provide updates on this work through our regular annual reports, as we do with our other project work. 

Colmore BID is an Anti-Racist organisation which stands against bullying and harassment.


Colmore BID needs to be agile and adaptable in the way it procures products and services. You can review our procurement principles here.

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