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Safer Colmore

We want everyone who works in or who visits Colmore Business District to feel safe and secure, day and night. We work towards this by providing a visible team presence within the District, partnering on projects and delivering services that help to create a thriving and welcoming environment for everyone one.

As Colmore BID continues to promote the District as a premier UK destination for business, it is increasingly important to manage and monitor the on-street experience, so whether you are coming to work or visiting for the first time, the District makes a lasting, positive impression.

Security Team

Our Security team works with partners to provide an active response to homelessness, helping both rough sleepers and businesses. Our Ambassadors help us to monitor the state of our street scene, and we partner with agencies to provide access to programmes on topics like counter-terrorism and business resilience.

A Colmore Security Officer is employed to report and address anti-social behaviour and actively manage on-street activity within the District, such as begging and rough sleeping. Meet the Security Team here.

Ambassador Programme

Our Ambassadors are the eyes of ears of the District, providing a meet and greet service, visible reassurance and visits to businesses. They are instrumental in delivering information to levy payers and raising concerns with third parties about a variety of issues.

Meet Nicole, Colmore BID’s Ambassador.

Colmore Licencing Network

The Colmore Licencing Network is a forum for the District’s extensive hospitality sectors to discuss crime and community safety concerns directly with the BID. The network welcomes contributions to our conversations and partnership events from any of our pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and coffee shops. 

During the Covid 19 lockdown a small number of participating businesses volunteered to become an Advisory Group to provide the BID with regular feedback and perspective on the security issues affecting them during this challenging period. As we ease out of lockdown the Advisory Group will assist the BID to prioritise the community safety themes, projects and events organised on behalf of the Colmore Licencing Network for the benefit of all of the District’s hospitality venues.

Security News

Check out the latest security advice from our team and partners below.

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