Colmore Women’s Safety Forum

The Colmore Women’s Safety Forum is a recently created sub-set of the Safe and Sound thematic workstream that aims to facilitate an inclusive, influential and collective female business voice on matters affecting women’s empowerment and perceptions of safety across the Colmore Business District.

The Forum meets bi-monthly and benefits from the support of numerous specialist services and partners. The Forum’s mission statement is:

‘An inclusive and empowering space for businesswomen and businesses to access gender-specific personal safety information, tools and resources.’

The Forum ensures all discussions and desired outcomes reflect a needs-led approach through the observance of the below 4 objectives:

1. To raise awareness of Violence, Abuse and Intimidation of Women & Girls (VAIWG) to deliver positive change in tackling VAIWG across the Colmore Business District

2. To facilitate the education of businesses within the Colmore Business District of VAIWG through workshops, awareness sessions, social media posts and online resources.

3. Promoting gender equally in the workplace, and empowering businesswomen to be more confident in challenging and reporting VAIWG

4. Facilitating businesswomen within the Colmore Business District to have an identifiable and influential voice within the city-wide VAIWG conversations.


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New Women’s Safety Forum Unveiled

The Women’s Safety Forum meets throughout the year and is welcoming new members.

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Rape & Sexual Violence Project

An organisation supporting victims of sexual violence and abuse.

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