Cyber Security

Technology and the internet are now crucial to most businesses’ day-to-day processes. Remote working is now an accepted and embedded business practice, and therefore the emphasis on the importance of cyber security is critical for business continuity.

Cyber security is the process of protecting and recovering our digital systems and data from potential cyber-attacks. Businesses, particularly small to medium size businesses, must be ever-vigilant and proactive regarding their online safety. The harm and loss caused by a cyber-attack can be devastating. The consequences of suffering a data breach can be many, including economic and reputational damage, loss of customer confidence and loss of personal and sensitive data.

Colmore BID is an Advisory Group member of the police-led Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands, which supports and helps protect SMEs, supply chain businesses and third sector organisations against the threats and risks of cyber-crime.


cyber myths Cyber Security

Five Myths about Cybercrime

Commonly held myths about cybercrime that could put you in danger of a data breach.

securing social media Cyber Security

Securing your Social Media Channels

Tips on how to secure your social media accounts against cyber criminals.

fending off cybercriminals Cyber Security

Keeping Devices and Apps Updated

Learn why keeping your apps and devices updated is key to reducing the risk of cybercrime.

emering fraud Cyber Security

Emerging Fraud Threats to Look Out For

Find out which scams are on the rise and how you can protect yourself against them.

domestic cybercrime Cyber Security

Supporting Victims of Domestic Cybercrime

Guidance for practitioners on how to support victims of domestic cybercrime.

Untitled design 43 Cyber Security

The Risks of Ransomware Threats

Learn about the rise of ransomware and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Untitled design 44 Cyber Security

Is Public Wi-Fi as Safe as You Think?

Learn about the risks that come with using public Wi-Fi networks.

serpstat cybercrime Cyber Security

Hybrid Working and Cybercrime

How businesses with hybrid working models can reduce the risk of cybercrime.

fending off cybercriminals Cyber Security

How to Fend Off Cyber Criminals

Several handy tips for businesses on how to improve cyber security.

mse logo Cyber Security

Tips on How to Stop Scams

Tips from Martin Lewis on how to avoid some of the most common scams.

ncsc logo scaled 1 Cyber Security

National Cyber Security Centre

Advice from the National Cyber Security Centre on using social media platforms safely.

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