Crime and Community Safety

Everybody has the right the feel safe in their communities. Perceptions of safety are affected by factors such as crime levels, occurrences of Anti-Social Behaviour and how the environment ‘looks and feels’. Reducing crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, along with having pride in where we live, work or visit can dramatically improve public confidence and overall perceptions of safety.

The ‘Safe and Sound’ thematic workstream delivers projects that aim to keep those who work and visit the Colmore Business District safe and secure, day and night. The most visible and accessible part of this work stream is our public patrolling Street Operations Team. A Special Projects Officer works with a range of different partners to develop projects that positively impact on the District’s perceptions of community safety.

Going forwards, a key focus for ‘Safe and Sound’ is our emerging night-time economy, and the enduring challenge of providing a welcoming  and safe hospitality environment for those who choose to visit our District.

Whilst Colmore Business District is a relatively safe, low crime area of the city, we also deliver regular personal safety training sessions to help ensure that those who work in the District are as safe as they can be.


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Community Safety Charter

The Community Safety Charter was set up to tackle crime in public spaces. 

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Summer Crime Prevention Advice

Crime rates typically rise in summer — here’s what you can do to protect yourself.

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Use StreetSafe to notify local policing teams of public spaces where you feel unsafe.

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Pickpocketing, Table Surfing and Snatches

Tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of opportunist crimes like pickpocketing.

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Passport to Good Security

The ‘Passport to Good Security’ sets out 20 principles for effective security management.

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Protecting your Business from Crime

Find out whether your organisation is adequately protecting itself against crime.

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Tips for Avoiding ATM Fraud

Be on your guard when using cash points — what to look out for when using an ATM.

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Public Order and Protest Advice for Businesses

Consider what preparatory steps can be taken to mitigate a potential protest threat. 

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Keeping Burglars Out of Your Business

How to protect your business from the outside in against the threat of burglars.

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My Support Space

Free resources from Victim Support West Midlands to help manage the impact of crime.

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Forensic Property Marking

Guidance on marking your property as a deterrent for criminals.

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An app designed to support the LGBTQ+ community and reduce hate crime.

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