My Support Space – free resources to help manage the impact of crime

As part of our partnership with Victim Support West Midlands, we are pleased to promote their My Support Space service; a free online resource that provides a safe, secure and confidential space for individuals needing help to manage the impact of crime.

Regardless of whether you are a victim of crime, someone supporting a victim of crime or a witness to crime, you can register for the service and work through a series of interactive guides which address your specific needs. The guides are designed to be completed in your own time and at your own pace. You can save your progress and revisit where you left off at any time.

There’s also information about where and how you can access further support, and the opportunity to register with SilverCloud, an online therapy system.

My Support Space is for people aged over 16 who have experienced crime and need help to cope and move forwards.

It is designed for people who are experiencing a low to moderate impact after crime. For people who are experiencing a much more severe impact after crime, or who are at risk, this online resource should only be used when you are already in touch with a Victim Support caseworker.

The content is designed to help you reflect on your feelings after crime and understand how you can support yourself during a difficult time. The interactive guides feature videos, techniques, activities and tips to help you explore each topic. You can also create an online diary to help you keep track of your progress and record what works for you.

To learn more about My Support Space and register for an account, click here.

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