How to protect yourself from falling victim to ATM fraud after Birmingham targeted by scammers

The public is being warned by police to be on their guard when using cash points across Birmingham after it was discovered that scammers had fixed a ‘trapping device’ to a Post Office ATM in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham.

Trapping devices typically ‘trap’ the money withdrawn, duping victims into believing no money has been dispensed. When safe to do so, the scammers return to the ATM and collect the cash within the trapping device.

LINK, the UK’s cash machine (ATM) network, has responded by saying cash machines are a very safe way to access your account but you should avoid the risks of having to carry large amounts of cash with you. Millions of transactions are made through the LINK system every day and the chances of becoming a victim of ATM crime are very low. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help fight ATM crime.

  • Scan the whole area before you approach it a cash machine. Avoid using the ATM if there are suspicious-looking individuals around.
  • Check to see if anything looks unusual or suspicious about the ATM showing it might have been tampered with.
  • If it appears to have any attachments to the card slot, cash slot or keypad, do not use it and if possible alert nearby staff or call the police.
  • You should always cover your PIN with one hand as you enter it with the other.
  • If your card gets jammed or retained by the machine or no cash comes out, report this immediately to your bank or building society, ideally while you are still at the machine.
  • Check that others in the queue keep a good distance from you.
  • Keep your PIN secret. Never reveal your PIN to anyone, not to someone claiming to be from your bank, the police and especially not to a “helpful” stranger.
  • Be especially cautious if strangers try to distract you or offer to help at an ATM, even if your card is stuck or you are having difficulty with the transaction.
  • Regularly check your account balance and keep your receipt.

High-tech attacks, such as skimming and copying card details, are very rare. Most ATMs have equipment that prevents this sort of attack. Moreover, these attacks cannot work on Chip cards unless the would-be criminal discovers your PIN. You can prevent this by the very simple step of covering your PIN with one hand as you enter it with the other, protecting yourself from the person looking over your shoulder and even from high tech attacks like covert cameras.

However, ATM crime can and does sometimes occur. LINK and the ATM industry take this very seriously. If anyone suspects they have been a victim of ATM crime they are to report it to the police immediately, and if anyone has any information about ATM crime they can report it confidentially via CrimeStoppers.

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