Protecting your business from crime: Secured Environments

Is your organisation adequately protecting itself against being a victim of crime?

Are you suitably reassured that you are aware of all the risks applicable to your organisation, and have the appropriate measures in place to mitigate any threats?

Thankfully there is a UK police-approved scheme you can sign-up to that will help!

‘Secured Environments’ is a police-certified scheme created in association with Secured By Design, enabling organisations to register for the scheme and be independently audited against the following 6 key principles:

  1. Commitment – the organisation’s leadership and management are committed to creating a secure environment that provides a safe and secure working environment.
  2. Understand – the organisation understands their security risks, and has a process to record, analyse and monitor any identified risks.
  3. Respond – the organisation has effective response measures in place to reduce the identified risks .
  4. Management – the organisation has a suitable proactive and resourced plan to manage their security requirements.
  5. Implement – the organisation is effectively implementing security measures correctly using the principles of project management and delegated role responsibilities.
  6. Evaluate – the organisation ensures all crime prevention measures are monitored, evaluated and fed back to the organisational leadership, to confirm the measures remain appropriate and effective.

There are many benefits to receiving the Secured Environments accreditation, including:  

  • Reducing the risk of violence to staff
  • Reducing the risk of crime on the premises
  • Making people feel safer
  • More effective use of current security measures
  • Showing commitment to staff, customers, visitors and contractors that the organisation takes crime seriously.

To learn more about Secured Environments, how to register and what’s involved in the audit and certification process, click here.

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