Passport to Good Security

As travel restrictions ease, many will be looking to grab their passports and travel off to sunnier and warmer climates. However if you are a board member, senior executive and/or  security manager within your organisation, the one passport you really need close to hand is the ‘Passport to Good Security’ created by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure or CPNI as its informally known.

CPNI is the UK Government’s national technical authority for physical and personnel protective security. CPNI’s role is to protect UK national security by helping to reduce the vulnerability of the UK to a variety of threats such as Terrorism, Espionage and Sabotage.

The ‘Passport to Good Security’ sets out 20 principles for effective security management.

Good security protects the people, reputation and profitability of your organisation. This guide contains best practice to help you create an effective risk management strategy; one that covers the identification, assessment and mitigation of the threats your organisation might face.

It stresses the importance of deploying a unified series of protective security measures, encompassing physical, personnel and cyber security.

The ‘Passport to Good Security’ is freely available on the CPNI website. The online version is aimed at security managers and those who have a more general responsibility for delivering security and safety services within organisations. It provides more in-depth information and links to other relevant material and guidance. 

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