Street Operations and Public Place Vulnerability

The Colmore BID Street Operations Team consists of a Street Operations Manager, patrolling security officers, a Business Liaison Executive and a Street Cleaning Operative. four security officers, one ambassador and a cleaner. The Team are the most visible and accessible reassuring presence within the Colmore Business District.

The Team work closely with a wide range of partners including West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. They also have an important role of engaging with our frequent homeless and begging communities.

Team members are skilled in signposting vulnerable individuals to the most appropriate support services to ensure those in need can access the right treatment and support to lead healthier and sustainable lifestyles. To facilitate this, a number of ‘Change into Action’ contactless giving donation points are now available within the District, enabling anyone to donate what they can to improve the personal circumstances of rough sleepers.

The Street Operations Team Manager is Vice Chair of the Local Partnership Deliver Group which meets regularly to bring partners together for a co-ordinated response to problem-solve issues relating to crime, anti-social behaviour and public place vulnerability.


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Modern Slavery Awareness Training

A digital training tool designed specifically for the financial services industry. 

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Safety Apps for When You’re Alone at Night

A range of apps to help you feel safe when you’re out late at night and alone.

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Colmore’s Contactless Giving Points

Learn more about the contactless giving points within the District.

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Homeless Advice

Advice and support for those affected by homelessness from Birmingham City Council.

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Change into Action

An organisation dedicated to making a positive difference to the lives of rough sleepers.

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