Personal Safety Awareness

Colmore BID is proud to work with an internationally renowned female martial arts expert, instructor and author to develop a pragmatic personal safety awareness course that provides simple and effective personal safety skills and techniques to increase self- confidence, awareness and assertiveness.

Personal safety awareness sessions are approximately 90 minutes and participants will learn how to combine their verbal and physical strengths to cope with many challenging confrontational scenarios, and how to enhance and trust their intuition to prevent or manage events as they arise.

Personal safety awareness has so many benefits from increasing well-being, confidence and situational awareness to a healthier lifestyle through increased physical activity and ability.

Mental health concerns are also addressed by encouraging practitioners to learn how to remain calm, use correct breathing technique and accept any disappointment in a more positive and accepting way. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress – a major health concern both at home and at work.


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A Guide to Personal Safety

A handy guide offering advice on how to implement a personal security plan.

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Personal Safety Programme

A free up-skilling programme to teach you life-saving personal safety skills. 

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Lone Working Considerations

Advice for employers on how to implement safe lone working practices.

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