BID leads clean up of problem passage

14 June 2019

Colmore BID has spearheaded efforts to give a much needed makeover to a neglected and litter strewn space within the District.

The BID joined forces with cleaning contractors Ramora and recycling specialists First Mile to tidy up Waterloo Passage, a short alleyway on the corner of Waterloo Street opposite Victoria Square.

Waterloo Passage has been a problem area for some time. It provides a space for adjacent businesses to leave their waste for collection, but despite not actually leading anywhere, it’s designated a publicly accessible space. As such, the passage has unfortunately also become something of an unofficial dumping ground for all sorts of unsavoury items.

The accumulation of detritus has over time created a health hazard, attracting vermin and occasionally giving off objectionable odours. And while while passers by can easily miss the passage, it’s proved something of an eyesore to those who have noticed the smell and traced its source. Most significantly, it’s created an unpleasant experience for staff working for surrounding businesses who have to utilise the space from time to time.

Something had to be done so Colmore BID took charge, and in consultation with Ramora and First Mile, arranged for excess waste to be cleared away and for a deep clean to take place. As a result, the passage is in much better condition, with the mess, and its associated smells and other problems now gone.

Colmore BID will be keeping a watching brief over Waterloo Passage to ensure that this once overlooked little lane is kept in a clean, tidy and safe condition.