New Colmore Licensing Network launches

20 June 2019

A new networking group for leisure and hospitality venues within the District has just been launched.

The Colmore Licensing Network held its introductory event at the Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre on Temple Row on Wednesday, June 19 June.

Building on and complementing the work of the national Pubwatch scheme, the Colmore Licensing Network has been established as a forum for venues within the District’s growing leisure and hospitality scene to get together and share ideas, opinions and examples of best practice around creating a safe and welcoming environment in their premises for staff and customers alike.

Introducing the Colmore Licensing Network, Paul Street who leads on projects for Colmore BID’s Safe and Sound Working Group, said it would also give a “voice and and an identity” to those venues, which currently make up around 10% of the commercial activity within Colmore Business District but which are part of a rapidly growing sector that makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

The Colmore Licensing Network will also provide a platform for industry experts from different fields to deliver up to date knowledge and training on a host of relevant issues ranging from counterfeit currency to crowd management.

Wednesday’s inaugural event included guest speakers from West Midlands Police and the Bank of England who delivered talks on the ongoing threat of terrorism and how businesses within the leisure and hospitality sector can help counter this risk, and on the Banknote Checking Scheme, which aims to reduce the number of fake notes in circulation at those businesses where cash handling is commonplace.

The Colmore Licensing Network aims to host similar interactive events with speakers, role play scenarios and practical training and demonstrations taking place on a quarterly basis. Anyone keen on joining or contributing ideas to the Network should email