Sifa Fireside built new IT suite for Clients

08 October 2019

Well, we’ve had a few trials and tribulations getting the building work off the ground for our new IT suite but it’s finally begun and the work is well under way. We have to say a massive thanks to Wilmott DIxon and Opus who saved the day and helped us source carpenters to keep the work on track. This week our facilities team has been putting the work benches in and we’ll send you another update next week when we hope to have some of the PCs installed.

and that’s not all…
because you helped us raise so much more money than we expected, we’ve also been able to buy a new oven for our kitchen. Ben at Opus has helped negotiate an amazing deal and the very generous guys at Rational UK are providing the oven at cost with over £4,000 worth of extras! We’ve got some electrical work to do before it’s fitted but we’ll make sure you’re also updated about the difference the oven is making to our clients and the volunteers that work in the kitchen at SIFA Fireside.

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