Support Birmingham and donate your commute to charity

24 April 2020

Birmingham based web agency, Nettl has put its design skills to good use to support local businesses and charities with the creation of Support Birmingham, an online community that connects consumers and small businesses. The site allows anyone from Birmingham or the surrounding area to have another space to shout about themselves and their services. It is completely free for businesses to set up a profile. All you need to do is fill in a simple form about who you are, what you do and how people can help during the current Coronavirus lockdown.

Charities have also been hit hard by the lockdown, with thousands of fundraising events cancelled under new social distancing restrictions. Money from these events is a lifeline for the organisations providing vital services to communities across Birmingham. To aid with fundraising, the Support Birmingham platform allows visitors to donate the money they would normally spend on their commute, be it for petrol, a quick coffee or train fare.

“It certainly is a time of uncertainty for many of us and any additional exposure for our businesses will hopefully help” said Adam Whitehouse, studio manager at Nettl. “So, we have built a website to try to do this! Support Birmingham provides anyone in the area with an additional space to shout about themselves and their service. No catch! We are so proud to be from Birmingham and wanted to do our bit to help support the amazing businesses it houses wherever we could.”