Equality and diversity group for Forresters

28 October 2020

A leading firm of patent and trade mark attorneys is building on its reputation for boosting diversity in its industry.

Forresters has created an Equality and Diversity Group with the aim of delivering a culture where everyone can thrive and feel relaxed, regardless of their background. Varinderpal Gosal recently joined the firm as marketing executive and said it was one of the things that attracted her to working at Forresters.

“It is really refreshing to see a company that actively encourages people from a wide variety of backgrounds into the industry,” she said. “It means that Forresters is a company that doesn’t just focus on being one of the UK’s leading IP companies, but also on creating a culture that supports all employees. When I started at Forresters I decided I wanted to join the Equality and Diversity Group as a marketing representative and help them prepare for future cultural events.

“I’m already enjoying working at Forresters – the firm is forward-thinking with a positive outlook, even in times of uncertainty. They have already shown me that my ideas will be taken on board and into consideration for future projects.”

Senior associate Charlotte Sunderland came up with the idea for the Equality and Diversity Group earlier this year. She said: “Forresters is proud to represent a diverse and dedicated workforce, which keeps us moving in the best clear direction – forwards. To fully represent our colleagues, we need to recognise the issues that we face.

“Our ultimate goal is to help Forresters be a leader of equality and diversity in its sector, and to make sure that every voice and experience in our company is listened to.”

The committee is already beginning to spread the message. They recently supported the Birmingham Law Society by purchasing 10 copies of Equal to Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court, for primary schools in and around the Birmingham area. They have also been keeping staff updated and informed during Black History Month, which ends on October 31st.

HR manager Bev Northall added: “Several of our employees are from minority groups so we want to prove to students that gender, age, race and disability don’t matter – look at our success stories, anything is possible.

“Our company is quite diverse, but often people feel that this profession doesn’t apply to them. Forresters’ slogan is Clear Direction and we want to ensure people know that this is Clear Direction for everyone.”