The Show goes on! Birmingham, Sandwell and Westside Jazz Festival returns this October

05 October 2020

The 36th annual Birmingham, Sandwell & Westside Jazz Festival will take place, not in July, as originally scheduled, but from Friday 16th to Sunday 25th October.

With 36 events it won’t be the usual Jazz and Blues extravaganza our audiences have grown accustomed to but there will some of UK’s finest musicians alongside our local talent – and even the bawdy, good time blues of The Jim Dandies from Bassano del Grappa, in Italy.

As well as straight–ahead performances there will be a record session, Jazz film show and shows will be streamed live from West Bromwich Central Library, Wednesbury Library and from deep in The Chilterns, which can be viewed live, as they happen in the comfort of the Brasshouse and the Bulls Head in front of a decent pint of Brummagem beer.

All venues, musicians and festival staff will be strictly adhering to government Covid19 ruling and singers will have a Perspex screen between them and the audience.

Festival Director Jim Simpson said “this is the third time this year we have constructed the festival. The July event, with more than 200 programmes planned, was floored by the virus. We then delivered a 10 day Virtual Festival over the dates originally planned for the annual event, and here we are with what promises to be a most welcome celebration of some great music. We’ve encountered a bunch of delays and diversions but we’re going to press ahead fully in the expectation of a great event in an unexpected October heatwave until circumstances tells us we can’t.

It’s what we do!”

The full festival programme will be released online at .