5 tips for getting back into a fitness routine

12 March 2021

Yvonne is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and Level 4 nutrition advisor, coaching clients and instructing classes at PureGym Snowhill as well as online. When it comes to fitness, she is an advocate for forming sustainable habits through consistency for long-term success. And here are her Top 5 tips for getting back into a fitness routine:

1. Start by committing to set days and times each week
This could vary from week to week depending on your other commitments but look at your diary every Sunday and agree when you will exercise.Pro tip: Tell a friend or family member for added accountability so you are more likely to follow through.

2. Go easy on yourself
If you haven’t trained in some time, it would make more sense to start up again slowly in terms of intensity and frequency. Commit to twice a week for a few weeks before increasing. You’ll likely experience more soreness than you did previously which can make it harder to stick to a higher training frequency.Pro tip: Consistency is key. You are better off training twice a week consistently and without fail than aiming for 5+ times a week and then having to take a weeklong break because you’re exhausted.

3. Choose an activity that will be sustainable for you and can easily fit into your day
If you don’t enjoy the sessions or struggle to make time for them, it’s less likely that you will persevere. For some this will be easily accessible YouTube videos, others may prefer online group sessions, personal training, running, cycling, or walking. You do YOU!

4. Get one of your friends or family members involved
If you are struggling with adherence, why not link up via Zoom while doing the same YouTube workout as your friend? You can motivate each other, it will be a social experience, and you are more likely to get the work done.

5. Set short- and medium-term goals to keep motivated
I personally prefer to set performance-based goals instead of weight focused ones for myself and my clients. Taking the focus away from how you look can make the process of getting there so much more exciting and rewarding!

The goals could be anything from being able to run continuously for 5 minutes, running or walking 5km within a certain time, being able to do 10 push ups on your knees or 1 on your toes, or being able to complete more rounds of an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) you have done previously in the same amount of time.

Whichever goals you set for yourself, be sure to celebrate your success when you achieve them, then get back on it and set the next one. You got this!

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