The Queens Head…Davenports’ Latest Opening in Birmingham

18 May 2022

Davenports Brewery, which was established in Birmingham in 1829, will open the doors to its latest pub, The Queens Head on Steelhouse Lane in Birmingham city centre on Friday 20th May.

Following months of extensive renovations, the team are excited to reveal the thoughtful new décor, great food and drink offering that will add to the appeal of the Colmore District.

Marketing Director, Katie McPhilimey explains; “The board were delighted to find a venue that beats in the very heart of the city, that serves both a dynamic district, and a diverse community of professionals, and students. In 1904, Davenports Brewery fought, and won an important ‘Beer Hawking’ case in the Victoria Law Courts, right around the corner from The Queens Head, so it felt a little like coming home with this location!”

Whilst researching the history of the pub, formerly known as The Jekyll & Hyde, the team uncovered some interesting facts to include former names; The Queens Head and prior to 1850, The Kings Head.  Katie explains; “In this important Jubilee Year, and in honour of Her Majesty The Queen, the company decided to rename the pub The Queens Head. Baron Davenport wrote to Her Majesty to advise her of our plans and received a wonderful letter back from Her Majesty’s office to say that she was ‘delighted by the news and wished us well’. We have framed the letter.”

The pub boasts a wonderful eclectic history, which coin and token expert, Andrew Cunningham has helped to uncover. Katie adds; “Baron Davenport found some tokens for sale online with The ‘Queens Head, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham’ on them. In the 1800 and 1900s the pub had its own tokens that were used for various transactions, to include wet rent. Druids, Forrester’s and many other friendly societies used The Queens Head for meetings over the years, and rather than charge for the room, those attending bought tokens for the pub which they exchanged for drinks, guaranteeing the pub an income. They were also used for games such as ‘Knock ‘Em Down’ – with losers using them to buy the winner a pint. Numerous tokens were issued over the years by different landlords.”

Over the decades The Queens Head has been a firm favourite with the residents of the area most notably barristers, lawyers, law court staff and NHS staff from the nearby hospital. There has been much interest from all these parties, and passing students whilst the refurbishment has been taking place.

As you would expect from a Davenports pub, The Queens Head will boast a great selection of drinks – from ales to freshly prepared cocktails, spirits and wines, and not forgetting a strong foodie offering with breakfast available to eat-in or takeaway from 9am through to sandwiches, pub dishes and sharing platters.

Prior to opening the doors on Friday 20th May, The Queens Head will play host to three launch parties, where guests will not only raise a glass to the venue, but will do so with a variety of drinks to include Continental Lager which the brewery are reviving. First brewed in the 60s and with a host of awards to its name, Continental Lager should deliver a taste of the Continent once again!