City Safe Radio Scheme reaches key milestone

03 October 2022

The City Safe crime-fighting network set up to tackle retail theft and anti-social behaviour in Birmingham city centre has reached a significant milestone after recovering more than £500,000-worth of stolen goods since being launched in 2019.

City Safe was created in response to Central BID Birmingham members who were becoming increasingly concerned about business crime and the impact of anti-social behaviour on the safety of staff and visitors. As part of our close partnership, Colmore BID was an early adopter of the scheme; all of the Street Operations Team carry a City Safe radio, and a number of customer facing businesses have been helped to sign up to the scheme.

The subscription scheme uses a new digital radio network, instant text messages and access to CCTV imagery using data-compliant software managed in a central control room. More than 200 City Safe radios are now being used in the city centre retail and leisure area, Southside and Colmore Business Districts. Members pay just £10 per week to be a part of the network, which is being led by Central BID in partnership with West Midlands Police, British Transport Police and retail centre security staff.

Data on the SentrySIS (Sentry Secure Intelligence System) system dating back to February 1st, 2019, reports £522,396 of goods recovered, with 4,189 incidents resolved. This means that the detained person has either been banned from a store, or had some form of police involvement. The system now has more than 1,600 live profiles of persons that have been apprehended and dealt with.

City Safe is a member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP) and is being managed by Central BID board co-optee Jonathan Cheetham. The organisation is also recognised as a partnership that is ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD). Established by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Secured by Design is a group of national projects focused on crime prevention through innovative security design and operation.

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Picture Credit: Central BID