Lunar New Year: Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in Colmore BID

26 January 2023

On 22 January, millions of people around the globe celebrated the Lunar New Year. Called ‘’Lunar New Year’’ to reflect the event celebrated in many Southeast Asian countries, in 2023, we welcome the Year of the Rabbit – the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals!

Lunar New Year, which is commonly referred to as Spring Festival in China, is a celebration of the arrival of Spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. For those celebrating, it’s a time to reunite with loved ones and leave behind any troubles of the past year.

Celebrations in Birmingham

The Lunar New Year marks a 15-day festival of celebrations for those observing the occasion around the world. This past week, vibrant celebrations returned to Birmingham city centre after a three-year hiatus.

On 22 January, Birmingham came alive with music and dance as our friends over at the Southside District hosted a spectacular Lunar New Year celebration involving a traditional lion procession, dance performances and firecrackers.

Being one the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, it was fantastic to see people of all backgrounds come together to mark the occasion, spreading the joy far and wide.

What’s happening in the Colmore Business District?

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in our District, the Chinese Lion Dance Tour will be visiting Colmore Row on 26 January from 9am until 1pm. Expect traditional lion dancers, music and of course lots of joy and smiles!

We cannot wait to celebrate. We hope you can all join us to welcome the incredible lion dancers and enjoy the festivities. For more information, click here.

You can also watch the festivities on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Where to eat for Lunar New Year

On Lunar New Year, certain dishes are eaten for their symbolic meaning or appearance for luck.

Traditional foods to eat include sweet rice balls, which symbolise family reunion and togetherness and clementines, which are believed to bring good luck and fortune.

Dumplings, which symbolise wealth are also eaten – legend has it that the more you eat during the New Year, the more money you can make in the coming year!

We’re lucky to have a range of incredible venues in the District serving up some delicious dishes for the Lunar New Year.

Restaurants serving up traditional Southeast Asian dishes include Jojolounge Bar & Restaurant, Tattu and Zen Metro.

Offering a Nepalese inspired menu, at Jojolounge you can try dishes such as steamed momo or choylas.

At Tattu, where celebrations for the Luna New Year are taking place until the 5 February, feast on a selection of contemporary Chinese food, and special dishes that are only available for this period, such as ‘’Year of the Rabbit Mooncakes’’.

If you want to try the finest and most authentic Thai food, head to Zen Metro where you can try dishes such as lamb massaman curry and mango mousse.

If you’re venturing out of our District, restaurants in the Chinese Quarter serving up an array of traditional Eastern Asian dishes include Chung Ying Cantonese Restaurant and Dezhou Style Braised Chicken. If you fancy something sweet, we recommend trying some traditional baked food in Wah Kee Bakery, which is also tucked away in the Chinese Quarter.

For more information about Lunar New Year celebrations in Colmore BID, please email


We wish you all a prosperous New Year!