A promising start: Colmore BID closes its consultation period for BID4 plans

18 April 2023

Friday 31st March marked the end of Colmore BID’s consultation period with local businesses regarding its BID4 plans for 2024-2029.

Colmore BID is one of the UK’s top Business Improvement Districts and has been consulting levy-paying businesses since 16th January 2023. Working closely with local businesses, the BID has gained feedback and suggestions to help refine its BID4 Business Plan through a series of events, including ‘Network and Drink’ sessions, coffee drop-ins and one-to-one meetings with BID team members.

Colmore BID’s consultation period has been vital as the Business Improvement District continually strives to do so much more for its levy-payers on top of the day-to-day services it already delivers such as additional cleaning, city dressing and security.  

Since its latest term started in 2019, Colmore BID has transformed the District by delivering 170 events; securing over 350 marketing opportunities for District businesses; tackling over 5,000 anti-social behaviour incidents; adorning the local area with artist and floral decorations; and cleaning over 450,000 sq ft of streets. All of this has ensured that the nationally recognised District is a thriving, safe, and sustainable community for organisations and individuals.

The BID’s eight working groups have overseen the delivery of these projects, events, and initiatives. These groups are committed to enhancing the District by attracting financial and cultural investment to allow local businesses to flourish and individuals to have outstanding careers.

The next phase of BID4 will be the official launch of the Business Plan, which will take place on 22nd June 2023 and in September 2023, Colmore BID will ask their levy-payers to vote ‘yes’ for their fourth, fifth-year term from 2024-2029.

A successful ballot will enable the BID to implement its ambitions to improve the area through local businesses investing £6.5 million over five years. The ‘yes’ vote is essential to Colmore BID’s future. The support and feedback from local businesses during the consultation period over the past three months have been vital towards the future of the District and the wider city’s success.

Nicola Fleet-Milne, Chair of the Colmore BID Board, commented: “Our various events have allowed local businesses to provide vital feedback on our Consultation Document and have been crucial towards refining our Business Plan. This consultation period has been a hugely promising start to our BID4 campaign in the lead-up to the levy-payer ballot in October.

“It has been extremely insightful to hear from our levy-payers to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts on our ambitions and how we can further clarify the future plans for our working groups and the delivery of our Business Plan for the next five years.”

Find out more about BID4 here.